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Where Care Feels like Family

"Enjoy the care that helps you live life on your own terms."

Individualized care, always your way.

Care as unique as Tacoma

At Hummingbirds Home Care, we understand the value of respecting and caring for our elders. Our founder, Rocio Gomez, was inspired by a culture that revered and respected its seniors, and sought to bring that same level of care and support for older adults in the Tacoma area. Our goal is to enhance the well-being of our clients and be a trusted guide on their care journey.

Take back your role as a son, daughter, spouse, or friend today

1. Call our office to set up an initial visit.
No strings attached. We just want to get to know you, your family, and how we can help you.
2. Work together with us to create a plan for how this care should look.
From what games you like to play, the food you want to eat, we’ll cover it all.
3. We match you with a caregiver best suited to meet your needs.
We will introduce you to the caregiver and ensure that things go smoothly, with a consistent follow-up process.

Home care is expensive, but the alternative—can be much worse

Hummingbirds Home Care is a licensed, and fully-insured home care agency in Tacoma, Washington with a history of providing quality care to Tacomans across a variety of conditions.
Falls can cost thousands of dollars in acute care, rehabilitation, and it can alter the life you live after. Home care can be a long-term preventative solution that helps your family become closer, and spend more quality time together, without having to manage care on your own. Let Hummingbirds Home Care be a trusted guide along the way.

Home care doesn’t have to be a secret anymore

Home care is a service that many don’t know about until the need arises. The Hummingbirds Home Care signature is community education and prevention.
In taking the time to understand Tacomans and their health needs, we’ve been able to provide successful care to many seniors throughout their care journey.
If you’re on the fence about using home help, work with a trusted industry resource. We’ll take care of you like family, and each of our caregivers will make your home feel more like home every day.


We're your best option


You will receive the special treatment you would expect from a member of Your Family. Along with the added value of consistency in the caregiver team.


Our Caregivers take great pride in easing discomfort and enhancing quality of life. They are passionate about making a positive impact, proactively seeking ways to contribute and improve the lives of those in their care.


Over 7 years of contributing to improving our client's quality of life with professionalism, love, and passion.


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At Hummingbirds Home Care, our mission is to provide exceptional care that meets our clients' unique needs and enhances their well-being. We believe that professionalism and punctuality are crucial in earning our clients' trust and satisfaction, which is why we strive to fulfill our commitments with the utmost reliability every day.

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