Companionship Care That Moves You

Meet Michael. He is 90 years old and lives alone in the home he built. His Hummingbird visits 2 times a week to help with:

  • ● Errands and take Michael to the Barber
  • ● Reminiscing about when He lived in California
  • ● Grabbing the mail and reading the paper together

Michael has worked with us for 2 years, developing deep relationships with his caregivers, and He smiles more often.

Personal Care That Keeps You Clean—And Happy

Meet Martha. She is 87 years old and lives in an assisted living community. Her Hummingbird visits 5 times a week to help with:

  • ● Showering every other visit
  • ● Mobility Assistance
  • ● Dressing assistance, She always helps in picking out the clothes
  • ● Brushing her hair and teeth

Martha has been with us for a bit, and enjoys the time that she spends with her caregivers. Since starting care, she is been more receptive to accepting help from others and has rekindled relationships with distant family members.

Memory Care That Feeds Your Brain

Meet Randy. He is 85 and his son is juggling a time-consuming work schedule while managing his own children, on top of coordinating his father’s care. Randy has moderate memory issues, and his Hummingbird visits 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset, giving his son the time to focus on work. Randy’s Hummingbird helps with:

  • ● Asking Randy open-ended questions about events occurring in real-time and engaging his creative mind as a former photographer
  • ● Taking Randy on drives around the town to local community gardens and nature reserves to look at birds, deer, and other wildlife
  • ● Engage his cooking skills and helping out when needed
  • ● Ensuring that his house stays clean and the mail is organized

Randy’s son is able to focus on his work and home life, while knowing that his dad is going to be okay. Randy has opened up and engaged his professional interests, keeping him active in the community, physically active in his environment, and having fun again.

Respite Care That Gives You Time Away—Guilt-Free

Meet Janet. She’s 54 and her dad lives in a different state. While her dad is navigating mobility and cognitive concerns, Janet has her own family to manage. Their Hummingbird visits 2 times a week to keep an eye on things and to give Janet peace of mind:

  • ● Engaging activities that keep Janet’s dad thinking and active
  • ● Transportation to the garden and library
  • ● Light housekeeping prevents falls and keeps the place spotless

Janet and her dad have been on service for a while, and together, their relationship has strengthened once Janet was able to resume her role as a daughter. Being a caregiver is an intense role to balance on top of being a relative, and Janet was able to find that balance with respite care.

Gentle and Compassionate End Of Life Care That gives You Courage

Meet Nancy. She is 96, and lives by herself in an assisted living community. Her children visit when they can, but they get busy at times. Hummingbirds visit with Nancy 24/7, exchanging notes with hospice care professionals, and making sure that she gets bathed on the hospice’s days off. They also help with:

  • ● Moistening Nancy’s lips
  • ● Encouraging fluids without being overwhelming
  • ● Applying lotion to her arms and legs to keep her skin soft
  • ● Listening to Nancy’s stories when she is alert
  • ● Helping Nancy feel comfortable and at peace both physically and emotionally
  • ● Making sure that Nancy’s medication schedule is followed

Nancy was initially unsure about having Hummingbirds around all the time, but they’ve become a crucial component of her family. They’ve helped her be more at peace with death, while helping her feel more in control and happy. Nancy’s family feels less stressed, giving themselves a clearer mind to make funeral and other arrangements, while being able to remain sons, daughters, and loved ones instead of caregivers, which is what they preferred.

Care In The Comfort Of Home

Hummingbirds Home Care is a dedicated community resource available to seniors and their families in Tacoma. Although we provide care in the home, it starts at the heart, and that means giving back to all who seek help.
If you are ready to take the first step or just want some more information, contact us.


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